Order, How to pay, Shipping

1.) Order
After you´ve sent your order you will receive a
confirmation within one day. This mail should
be confirmed by you again to make sure that
the email adress is correct and that you are
really the one who has ordered something.
2.) Payment
The following payment methods are accepted:
Transfer to my bank-, paypal- or moneybookers-
account or cash in a letter (on your own risk).
If you transfer the payment I expect it within
10 days; if you send cash then it may take 15.
If I don´t receive the payment after that I´ll
send an email to remember you of your order.
If I still don´t receive anything after another 7
days the order will be canceled automatically.
These steps have become necessary because
of some unpaid orders in the last few weeks.
3.) Shipping
Your order will be shipped at the same day
or (latest) one working day after payment
arrived. It depends on where you live how
long it takes until you receive your order.
The following table shows the actual shipping
fees. Registered parcels within Germany are sent
with Hermes, everything else with Deutsche Post.

Quantity >>>

Destination \/

up to four cds, two dvds or blurays

more than four cds, two dvds or blurays

Germany uninsured

insured up to 50 €
1,55 €

3,70 €

4,89 € with Hermes

EU uninsured

insured up to 50 €
5,00 €

7,50 €

9,00 €

11,50 €

World uninsured

insured up to 50 €
9,00 €

13,00 €

16,00 €

20,00 €

If the value of your order should be 50 Euro or
more I will pay 50 % of the shipping fees if you
live inside of europe and 25 % if you live outside.
4.) Reservations
Reservations can be made for up to 3 weeks.
Special offers can only be reserved together
with at least 1 article from one of the other
lists. If no order should follow after the 3
weeks the reservation will be cancelled.
5.) Want lists
Want lists can be sent with the contact form. Please
describe the cds you search as exactly as possible.
6.) Complaints
I´ll always do my very best to guarantee your
satisfaction because only if you are satisfied
then I am, too. But nobody is perfect, and
if you should have reason for a complaint
then just let me know what went wrong.